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Keep Loved Dogs With Their Furever Families

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We're all feeling the weight of rising costs. For pet families living on a fixed income, fleeing domestic violence and unhoused, rising food, gas and utility costs are often unmanageable. The pet families receiving our services would be forced to surrender their dogs to a shelter without our safety net. Shelters are already overcrowded and overwhelmed.

When you join the Krusader Klub, your monthly donation creates a ripple effect:

  • it helps the dog(s) in the pet family get the food, equipment and vet care they need
  • it helps the people in the pet family keep their loved one -- for many, their dog is the only companion they have and vital to their mental and physical wellbeing
  • it keeps another dog out of the overburdened shelter system, saving valuable resources for other animals and caregivers

Monthly recurring donations are the bedrock of our nonprofit. They give us the ability to budget and plan. They also empower us to respond to critical emergency situations when there is no time to fundraise.

For the cost of a latte a day, you are the difference between a pet family keeping their dog or surrendering them.

In November, join the Krusader Klub at $20 a month or more and receive our vintage "Love knows no color, age or breed" t shirt!